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Architects iN Design and Paulus Design Group designed and helped open the Greensboro Children's Museum in a completely renovated 1952 / 1953 vintage automobile dealership building. The building was purchased by a local sponsor and donated to the Children's Museum. The 50,000 plus square foot buildings were located on a 3.8 acre site on the North East corner of downtown Greensboro. One of the buildings on site will be used by a local day care provider. Ample parking for the two facility will also include a school bus drop off area for the safety of the many school children that will visited the building daily. A one half acre site on the North West corner of the site will be developed into an exterior activity area. Some of the spaces to be considered is a Water World, Changing Changing play area, Theater, Aerobic Mechanics, and Challenge Changing Maze.The building includes entrance lobby with ticketing, toilets, coat / stroller room, and administrative offices. A gift shop and a 2,600 square foot eatery will allow for visitors to extend their time at the facility.

Three main exhibit galleries were designed to be easily reached from the circular street that connects the galleries together. "Come with us and follow the yellow brick road around "Our Town"

Real DC-9 Cockpit & Flight Simulator

Fire Pumper Truck,
Postal & Race Car,

Kyle Petty's Winston Cup
Race Car

Theater, Bank, Grocery, Post Office,
Doctors Office, Music Store

Construction Zone

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